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In BSSM, there is strong evidence that many of the associative powers and personalities are inspired by ancient Greek and Roman mythology. Jupiter commands the lightning just like Zeus; Venus's "Love & Beauty Shock" pay homage to Aphrodite. Takeuchi also makes references to the properties of each senshi's planets and even make the soldiers princesses of those stars. Sailormercury is no exception; her intelligence and powers have a strong link with Hermes the messenger God and Planet Mercury.

/M\ y.t.h.o.l.o.g.y [@}} hermes ++ the god mercury

Hermes, or Mercury in Roman Mythology, was the most cunning and most productive of all the gods in Olympus. Born to Zeus and the beautiful Titan Maia, he was a most radiant child who was able to steal Apollo's beautiful white cows on the night of his birth.[1] To ease Apollo's anger, he created a lyre and taught him how to play it.[2] Hermes was commonly known as the god of commerce and market since he has dealt with trade and bargaining from the time of birth. He was always a sly trickster - called the protector of thieves - who loved to challenge himself with new schemes.[3] But aside from all his mischief, Hermes was also the guide of the dead to the Underworld and could move the realms easily.[1] Hermes is usually depicted as a "good-looking young man, with an athletic body, and winged sandals" by artists.[2] He also has the Caduceus, a winged rod with two serpents wrapped around it to represent the "creative energy and magical balance between the masculine and feminine." Today, it is commonly known as the universal symbol of medicine.[1]

Hermes and Ami both share and mutual intelligence and duty. Hermes shows his through cunning and wit; Ami displays hers through schoolwork and grades. Hermes created the lyre similar to that of the Mercury harp used in her "Aqua Rhapsody" attack. Both individuals share a cleverness no one else possess. Ami's miniature computer and VR Visor act as her "decision-makers" on how to approach a situation. Hermes was born with his shrewdness. Hermes and Ami are also swift, but they are expressed differently. Hermes is the light-footed messenger god and guide of the deceased. Ami is a rapid swimmer and quick-minded young lady. Also, Hermes's symbol is the symbol of medicine worldwide and Ami dreams of becoming a doctor. Coincidence? I think not...

/M\ y.t.h.o.l.o.g.y [@}} planet ++ by the sun, like the moon

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun and the second smallest planet next to Pluto with the fastest orbit (actually the name "Mercury" describes its speed).[4] It may seem awkward, but Mercury is closely related to our Moon. Although they are both covered with craters and have no tectonic planets, the deepest crater on this planet is 1300 km deep; sometimes, it is visible during the night with an unaided eye. Mercury has a very elliptical orbit. When it is the closest to the sun (Perihelion) it's 46 million km away, and when it is farthest from the sun (Aphelion) it's 70 million km away. Until 1962, everyone thought Mercury's "day" and "year" were the same length until a doppler radar showed otherwise. [5] We learned much more about the planet from the Mariner 10 space probe in the mid-70s and the MESSENGER sent 2004.[4][5]

The causes of Mercury's shape reflects Ami's personality: "...impact cratering where large objects struck the surface..." - The cold words and cruelty of children; "tectonic activity where the planet's crust moved in order to adjust to the planetary cooling and contracting." - Mizuno Ami's way of blending in with the crowd and not trying to stand out.[5] The rapid spinning of Mercury's axis and its quick rotation around the sun can explain why she is the second soldier to be found. I find it perfect that the planent is similar to the Moon; it helps explain the deep relationship between Usagi and Ami even though they have completely different lifestyles. The most compatible friends are usually most opposite.

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